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bulk strings
Bulk Strings

electric guitar strings

Bulk strings are made with the best materials available. The core is in pure USA steel, roundwounding is made with top nickel . Cleartone and lifetime are guaranteed.
Grover Allman
Grover Allman

guitar picks

Grover Allman has been producing printed guitar picks for over 20 years now, we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality picks. We offer four different types of custom picks
Kaisas Band
Kaisas Band

new album

Happy to announce, we have officially started mixing/mastering the 3rd Kaisas album, with Strutter Strutter (W.A.N.T.E.D./Gus G), at Valve Studios in Thessaloniki, Greece. It's been a long process getting there, and we wanna thank the people that kept the faith in us.
Hopefully the whole process will be done around the end of the month.
Grover Allman
Here at Grover Allman we have been fortunate enough to produce custom picks for some well known artists over the years.
Kaisas Band

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