Kaisas Band Degitalize Biography


Allen Brunelle (Drums)   Allen is the drummer of power metal band MYSTIC-FORCE, as well as, an independent drummer available for studio & international tour support. Previously, he performed live with Celtic Doom Metal band, TODESBONDEN. He also drummed for progressive rock band, THE DARK AETHER PROJECT (DAP), and can be heard on ''The Gentle Art of Firewalking'''' CD. Prior to DAP, Allen toured internationally with Neo-Progressive band, ILUVATAR. He can also be seen and heard drumming on the ''Curators of the Realm'' CD/DVD released in 2008 by Steel Legacy Records (GREECE). This is a re-issue and compilation of an EP originally released in 1989 by his San Antonio, Texas-based Thrash/Metal band, KING’S RANSOM.

Mark Evans (Vocals)     Μark Evans became known as the lead singer for late 80's - early 90's hard rock/hair metal sensation, HEAVENS EDGE from Philadelphia,USA. Prior to that he was part of the AOR outfit NETWORK as a bass player/back up singer. Mark joined Kaisas sometime around 2012, after Tony Mills' departure, and while Babis was looking for another great singer to put his own stigma to the music he was writing. Mark is also very active with various other bands/cover bands in Philadelphia. And he also did a solo acoustic show in Athens, Greece, in October 2013.

Babis Kaisas  (Bass/Guitar Player)  "Babis Kaisas was introduced to the guitar world from a very young age,by his father,who had bought a classical guitar,and scheduled Babis and his sister to attend guitar lessons. Later on in his teenage years,and having realised the passion for music,especially hard rock/heavy metal,Babis figured he had song ideas in his head,that if worked on,they could turn into something.Back then it was mostly lyrics. In 2003 he bought his first electric guitar,and started figuering out things around it.In 2005,he started recording/demoing his first ideas,as well as some fave covers. He started working more pro with Alan Kelly, original drummer of British rockers SHY in 2006-7, in a project called ZANDEM, that also featured British singer Dave Deeley (Karrallon's basist) for a little while. He teamed up with Brisith singer Tony Mills(SHY/TNT), and Brazilian drummer Acacio Carvalho (Vougan/Dark Avenger) to do the first KAISAS album titled "UNIFY", that got distributed through Casket Music(UK) in 2011. After the relase of UNIFY in 2011,he started working on a new KAISAS album,and in the process American singer Mark Evans(Heavens Edge),and also American drummer Allen Brunelle(Mystic Force),joined in to record what became the second KAISAS album titled "DEGITALIZE" released in 2014.
Allen Brunelle
Kaisas Babis
Kaisas Band
Mark Evans
Produced by David Page, co-produced by Babis Kaisas. Mixed/mastered at White Bear Studios(UK), by David Page. Artwork by Georgia Danielidou.


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