Kaisas Biography

Sleaszy Rider Records 2019.
Produced by Strutter, and Babis Kaisas. Mixed/mastered at Valve Studios (GR), by Strutter. Artwork by CJ Capelotti/Piotr Szafraniec.
Produced by David Page, co-produced by Babis Kaisas. Mixed/mastered at White Bear Studios(UK), by David Page. Artwork by Georgia Danielidou.
Produced by Babis Kaisas. Mixed/mastered at M2 Studios(UK), by Sheena Sear & Mark Stuart. Artwork by Rainer Kalwitz.
All my bugs

All my bugs

All My Bugs - Released by Factory Fast Records on 22nd September 2015.Tracklist:'All My Bugs' - Mountain Feet,'Stand and Fight' - Kaisas appears courtesy of Sleaszy Rider Records, 'Say Goodbye' - 210ToLowell, 'Lies' - Stone Bone Band, 'LLT' - Long Lasting Train, 'Invade My Head' – Murderworld, 'Reborn from the Ashes' - Tormentor Bestial

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal project involving musicians from around the world.

It was around his teenage years,that Babis Kaisas (guitarist/basist/songwriter from Greece) realised he actually had song ideas flying around his head. He started taking notes,and writing lyrics down. Later on,he tried to bring these ideas to life, on guitar.In 2006 Babis stumbled across Alan Kelly (original British band SHY drummer) through the internet. Alan had been away from the spotlight for sometime, away from SHY, and found Babis' ideas interesting. Together they worked under the name ZANDEM, and released a few demos. Some of those demos, featured British band's KARRALLON, basist Dave Deeley, on the lead vocal role.In late 2007, and since Alan Kelly decided to concentrate on his solo material, Babis continued writing, and demoing songs on his own. In mid 2009, while contacting British singer Tony Mills (SHY/TNT) through the internet, Tony offered his help to Babis. They chose the name Kaisas for the project, cause of Babis involvement on all aspects.Read more...
After working for sometime with Tony Mills on songs, the time came to find a drummer. Brazilian Acacio Carvalho, who now lived in the USA, agreed to work with them mid 2010, and the Kaisas line up was completed, with three musicians, recording from three different countries.Their work was mixed and mastered at M2 Studios in Wolverhampton, UK, by none other than Mark Stuart, and Sheena Sear, who had worked with bands such as MAGNUM and DIAMOND HEAD. The artwork for the album, was brought to life, by German Rainer Kalwitz, and his associates. Rainer had worked with everybody from PRAYING MANTIS, to SHADOW GALLERY, to DARE. Their debut album entitled “UNIFY”, is distributed through Copro Productions/Casket Music (UK) worldwide. In 2012 Babis started working on new material with singer Mark Evans of Heavens Edge, and drummer Allen Brunelle from Mystic Force. On February 28th 2014 sees the release of their work,through Sleaszy Rider records(GR). "DEGITALIZE" was mixed mastered at White Bear Studios(UK), and produced by David Page and Babis Kaisas. The artwork for the album was done by Greek graphic deisgner Georgia Danielidou. There is also a promo video for the song "Helen" directed, and filmed by Greek director Kostas Akritidis. In 28th February 2015, a year after the release of the second album "Degitalize", Kaisas released their first Official Lyric video for the song "Wounded And Alone", done by again by director Kostas Akritidis. Babis Kaisas has been working on a 3rd, heavier approach album, to be released sometime in the future.

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